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Final Fantasy XV: What Combat Mode Is and How to Change It


Final Fantasy XV: What Combat Mode Is and How to Change It

Combat Modes – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV’s combat can be very unforgiving, especially if you’re not used to action RPGs, or such fast-paced gameplay. To help players find a sweet spot of sorts, you can change the combat settings which dictate how the action flows on the screen. No, this doesn’t turn Final Fantasy XV into a classic, turn-based JRPG, but it can help those who are feeling overwhelmed by the action.

There are two different settings that you can choose from Active and Wait. Here’s what they do:

Active – This is the standard battle system in Final Fantasy XV. Everything on the screen moves about normally, meaning you’ll have to stay alert of threats at all times. Constant movement will help you survive in this mode.

Wait – This setting stops time while you’re standing still, giving you time to think about your next move rather than having to run around and strategize at the same time. It also allows you to scan your enemies for weaknesses by locking on while time is stopped (R1/RB). As soon as you move, or if the Wait timer expires, everything returns to normal, but those moments of rest are very helpful in difficult fights.

You can change the combat mode by pausing the game and going into “Options.” You can change it whenever you want so it’s a good idea to use it during challenging boss battles if you’re having trouble, and going back to standard for easier fights to keep things moving.

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