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Final Fantasy XV: How to Equip and Use Magic Spells


Final Fantasy XV: How to Equip and Use Magic Spells

Pick your spell.

Equipping and Using Magic – Final Fantasy XV

Magic has always been a valuable tool for battle in the Final Fantasy series and Final Fantasy XV is no different, but this time around it works a bit differently. You’ll have access to your usual spells of Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder. The trick here is that you can mix and match your magic spells together and create ones with different effects. You’ll also need to draw magic power out of crystals beforehand, similarly to Final Fantasy VIII.

Magic crystals are scattered around the world of Final Fantasy XV, and there’s generally ones for Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard next to each camping spot. You can spot these by the little icons for each one respectively on the minimap with a flame for Fire, snowflake for Blizzard, and thunderbolt for Thunder. Simply run up to the crystal and hold down the Circle / B button to draw out the magic power, and you have a stock of 99 for each.

After you’ve drawn some magic open your main menu and scroll down to the magic option which is the third from the bottom. Here you can craft spells together, or with items, and the more you use from your stock of magic the more powerful spells will be. After you’ve crafted a spell, you can equip it to one of your four equipment slots, or to your party members.

To use magic in battle, just select the slot with your D-pad. Use the Circle button, or B button on Xbox, and a targeting area will pop up on the field for your spell. Let go of the button when you’re ready, and unleash your devastating spell on your enemies.

Keep mixing and matching different spells and items together, to see what effects you can come up with.

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