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Final Fantasy XV: How to Save Your Game


Final Fantasy XV: How to Save Your Game

Hooray for manual saves.

Final Fantasy XV – Saving the Game

Thankfully, like most traditional video games, Final Fantasy XV features a save function. This means that whenever you want to stop playing, you’ll be able to manually save your game, turn it off, and pick up your progress again when you feel like it. While the game does feature a checkpoint system of sorts, where you can restart from a certain point if you happen to die in battle, there is also a manual save system in place.

To save your game, you’ll want to head into the options menu (note that this is different from the in-game customization menu where you choose your equipment and check your map), and look for the option that says ‘Save.’ Once you do that, you’ll get to choose a save slot where you want to save your game. You can also overwrite old save files if you wish. After the game has been saved, you’ll be able to quit out safely. You can also load a previous save file from that same options menu if you’d like. No more worrying about having to finish the game in one sitting without the luxury of walking away from your console when you need to.

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