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Final Fantasy XV: How to Repair the Car


Final Fantasy XV: How to Repair the Car

Don’t bang it up too much.

Repairing the Car – Final Fantasy XV

If you’re manually driving the Regalia around Final Fantasy XV’s world of Eos, it’s likely that you’ll scratch up your shiny car every now and then. While it’s virtually impossible to run the car off the roads and destroy your party, you can still run into passing cars and fences if you make a bad U-turn. This will bend up your car and crack the windshield, which won’t have any huge repercussions on the car’s performance during the early hours of the game, but can become a bit of an eyesore after a while.

Thankfully, you’ll be able to repair the car simply by visiting Cindy back at the Hammerhead garage. Once you’re at the garage, talk to her, and she’ll give you the option to customize and repair your car. Ignore the customization for now, and have her repair the Regalia. A full repair will set you back 500 Gil, but if you do choose to pay up, the car will be back, good as new. If you want to minimize the risk of banging the car around too much, feel free to have Ignis auto-drive the Regalia for you.

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