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Final Fantasy XV: How to Park the Car


Final Fantasy XV: How to Park the Car

Not as straightforward as it sounds.

Final Fantasy XV – Parking the Car

Driving and parking your car can feel a little wonky in Final Fantasy XV, especially since the game doesn’t want to let you break traffic laws even when you have it in manual mode. Still, actually parking your car in a good spot will require you to do a couple of things. When you come across a parking spot in the game, you’ll find that you can’t just turn your car into the parking lot and leave it there. Instead, you’ll have to press the interact button to get out of the car, and doing so will cause the game to automatically park it for you.

To find a parking spot, simply be on the lookout for the large ‘P’ sign that appears whenever you’re near one. There will be arrows indicating the exact position of the parking spot. Once you see it, press the interact button, and the game will do the rest. Even though you can’t go completely off the rails while driving, you can still bump your car into corners if you aren’t careful, so watch out for that.

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