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Final Fantasy XV: How to Change Weapons


Final Fantasy XV: How to Change Weapons

Wombo combo!

Final Fantasy XV – Changing Weapons

Depending on your play style, you might want to experiment with a few of the different types of weapons Noctis can equip in the game. The game will start you off with a regular sword by default, and you can perform sweeping slashes and pokes with it. However, Noctis can also equip faster weapons like daggers, and heavier weapons like greatswords and lances as well.

Before you can change your weapons in the middle of battle, first you have to equip them in your main menu. In your equipment menu, choose the weapons that you want to assign to your four directional buttons. Magic spells can also be assigned here. Once you’ve done that, simply hit the different directions on the d-pad to equip the weapon or spell you have assigned to that specific button. You can also change weapons in the middle of battle, just in case you need to bring up a faster weapon when dealing with enemies that are hard to catch. Try changing weapons in the middle of your attack strings to chain new combos and discover new ways of dealing with your foes.

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