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Final Fantasy XV: How to Change Difficulty


Final Fantasy XV: How to Change Difficulty

Difficulty – Final Fantasy XV

On your journey with Noctis and his band of friends, you’ll come up against a wide variety of monsters and enemies that you’ll need to cut down to size to progress. Unfortunately, some of these can be a little too tricky, especially those pesky Daemons. While perseverance is always key in these situations, it’s also worth remembering that Final Fantasy XV does give you the option to change your difficulty down at any time.

While the game only offers Normal and Easy at the start of the game, even veteran players of the series may find that the challenge is incredibly high on Normal difficulty setting. This can come down to the fact that Final Fantasy XV is an ARPG rather than a turn-based RPG and can take some getting used to.

To change the difficulty midway through the game, simply pause the game using the Options or Menu button and then choose Difficulty Option. All you have to do from there is switch it down to Easy, or move it up to Normal if you’re looking for a bit more challenge.

That’s all there is to altering the level of challenge in Final Fantasy XV. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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