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How to Camp and Rest in Final Fantasy XV


How to Camp and Rest in Final Fantasy XV

Camping and Resting – Final Fantasy XV

Camping is more than a way to pass the time in Final Fantasy XV. Setting up a base for the night is the only way to utilize your earned experience, and will also give you a chance to rest as well as cook some stat-boosting food. While you’re out adventuring in Eos, make sure you take some time to rest.

On your map, keep an eye out for yellow tent markers. These indicate camping locations, where you’ll find a welcoming campfire. Interacting with this campfire will give you the option to either set up camp or spar with Gladioulus for some experience.

Once you’ve chosen to camp out, each party member will receive the experience and AP gains you’ve earned so far. You’ll also be able to choose your food for the night. Ignis can make a variety of meals, so choose the item that gives you whatever stat boost you’ll enjoy most.

If you can’t make it to a camp site, you can also rest at hotels and trailers. These can be found in cities or near rest stops, respectively. Keep in mind that while resting at these locations will distribute your experience gains, you won’t be able to cook any food.

For more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for Final Fantasy XV, be sure to stay tuned to Twinfinite.

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