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Final Fantasy XV: How to Change Clothes


Final Fantasy XV: How to Change Clothes

Change Clothes – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is, of course, full of beauty. As is tradition with Square Enix’s series, the prettier something is, the better. With FFXIII’s Lightning having been Louis Vuitton’s model for quite some time, is it any wonder that clothes will play a role in FFXV? All of your characters will be able to change their clothes this time around.

Not only will these change your characters’ appearance, but they could also alter their stats for the better. Naturally, you will want to mix and match the best clothes possible and get whichever will boost you and give you the edge in battle. You’re going to start off with some outfits, but you will also be able to find new ones along the way! Unfortunately, you can’t buy any, though. You’ll have to settle for the story mode giving you some new threads.

Hit the touchpad if you’re on a PS4 or the Views button if you’re on an Xbox One, then tab over to Gear. When you choose whomever you would like, you have the option then to change their Attire. This is where you will see your collection of duds and will be able to switch between them.

Finally, you can look as fresh as your Regalia, while you’re slaying some beasts.

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