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New Final Fantasy XV Footage Showcases Day One Patch Additions

Final Fantasy XV

New Final Fantasy XV Footage Showcases Day One Patch Additions

Not long now!

The decade long wait for Final Fantasy XV is nearly over, with the RPG releasing in just two days time. While we wait, new footage of the game has been streamed and it showcases the new features that the day one patch will bring to the game.

The footage is more than 90 minutes long and was streamed on YouTube by Square Enix. It features footage from both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and focusses on the additions made by the day one patch, known as the ‘Crown Update’, and gives fans a deeper look at some of the game’s key mechanics. You can see the full video below.

During the video we get to see new attacks for Noctis, in game purchsaising options, and a detailed look at the progression system. Battle gameplay is shown with the game running on both consoles. Also, in the slower sections, we were given a look at the beautiful cities in which Final Fantasy XV takes place.

Final Fantasy XV is out this Tuesday, November 29, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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