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This Majora’s Mask Animated Short Will Make Your Jaw Drop


This Majora’s Mask Animated Short Will Make Your Jaw Drop

All the feels.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is considered one of the best games in the entire series thanks to its mature story, fantastic level design, and unique gameplay mechanics. Now, 16 years later the Youtube group Emberlab have presented a short CGI movie detailing those fateful moments leading up the game’s beginning. This tribute to the N64 title features classic songs from the original game along with gorgeously render character and environment models. Check out the full short film below:

The video follows both the Happy Mask Salesman and Skull Kid before the power of Majora’s Mask overwhelms them both. Throughout the short 4 minute video, we get a good look at the relationship between the fairies (Tatl and Tael) and Skull Kid. Given most of the actual game is spent fearing this person, it’s interesting to see how happy and cheerful he was before the mask corrupted him.

It also gives an interesting explanation for how the Happy Mask Salesman came to lose one of his prized possessions. Needless to say the animation and lighting quality are absolutely stunning and only makes us wish for either a remastered version of Majora’s Mask or a CGI film.

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