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Final Fantasy XV: All Ally Techniques You Can Unlock


Final Fantasy XV: All Ally Techniques You Can Unlock

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Prompto will start off with the Piercer technique in Final Fantasy XV. This allows him to fire a piercing round from his gun at an enemy. However, there are several other special techniques and abilities you can unlock for him on the Ascension grid.

  • First Shot (6 AP): Gain first strike against a nearby enemy with a firearm. Adds to tech bar
  • Shock Drop (24 AP): Electrocute an enemy with machinery when Noctis attacks it in midair
  • Sharp Shock (99 AP): Boost Shock Drop damage
  • Scintilla (18 AP): Deliver a counterattack and stun enemies with a firearm
  • Ballistic (64 AP): Swiftly unleash damage on an area with a firearm. Makes enemies flinch
  • Starshell (8 AP): Draw enemy attention across a wide area with a firearm. Weakens daemons. Depletes the tech bar by one
  • Recoil (18 AP): Deal heavy damage with machinery by overloading its energy output. Depletes the tech bar by two
  • Gravisphere (18 AP): Draw enemies in an area closer together with machinery by creating a gravitational field. Depletes the tech bar by two
  • Trigger-Happy (72 AP): Unleash a barrage at multiple enemies with a pair of firearms. Depletes the tech bar by three
  • Limit Break (999 AP): Break limit on damage from Prompto’s techniques

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