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Dragon Ball Fusions: How to Do an Ultra Fusion


Dragon Ball Fusions: How to Do an Ultra Fusion

Ultra Fusion – Dragon Ball Fusions

Dragon Ball Fusions is, if you couldn’t tell by the name, very focused on fusions and combinations. The game contains several iconic fusions from the anime as well as a few new ones. One of the new ones is actually pulled off by you, the player, and it allows you to combine every member of your team into one beastly character that can wreak havoc for around 20 seconds. Of course, you have to unlock it first.

To unlock the Ultra Fusion ability, you have to make your way to Hercule City in the second hub you reach while playing the story. You’ll be tasked with finding new members for your team which will lead you to the Ginyu Force. They’ll ask for your help looking for someone which will begin the “Find a Certain Someone” quest. Once that’s done Ginyu will teach you this powerful skill.

To activate it, you must have a team of five fighters and you need at least one portion of your Ultra Gauge to be full. If both conditions are met, it will appear on your screen as an option when it’s your turn to attack. Once chosen, all of your other heroes will center on the character you were controlling to create one awesome, god-like fusion. It will bear a resemblance to whoever is your core (if you choose Ultra Fusion while using a Saiyan at the moment, it will look like an OP Super Saiyan). You will then have a set amount of time to do as much damage as possible to the enemy team.

The enemy can shorten the time you have by attacking you, so make sure to block and dodge as you attack. When the time is up you will finish with one huge Ki Blast. After that you will separate and be placed near all your teammates which can be very dangerous. An enemy can pull of an easy combo if you’re in this position, so we don’t recommend using Ultra Fusion if your whole team is low on health unless you know for certain you can wipe out the enemy team before your time is up.

Once you unlock this ability, make sure to make great use of it. It can turn the tide of even the toughest battles, and it’s very useful for taking out multiple opponents at once.

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