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Dishonored 2 Player Finds 80 Different Ways to Kill a Man

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Dishonored 2 Player Finds 80 Different Ways to Kill a Man

Welcome to the final mystery Jindosh.

Dishonored 2, much like many other games thrives on giving players the freedom to do what they want, that is as long what they want to do is kill people. When taking down a target there’s normally a rather large scope for adding your own personalised touch, you may choose to take them down quietly without too much hassle, or perhaps your more of a kick the door down kind of person, either way you’re probably covered.

One such character that players have taken particularly fondly to taking down is Kirin Jindosh, the infamous Grand inventor to the Duke of Serkonos and the man responsible for creating the Clockwork Soldiers. That being said, one YouTuber, going by the name of Cosmic Contrarion took things a step further by finding 80 different ways to kill the man. The video that to date now has over 40,000 views captures all 80 different deaths all to the backing track of “The Beautiful Blue Danube”.

Throughout the video Cosmic Contrarion manages to drop Jindosh down a lift shaft, swiftly kick the man in his gentleman’s area and shoot him full of more arrows than should be humanly possible. The montage that lasts around 17 minutes long is hugely entertaining and worth a watch, that is if you feel you can put up with the words “Welcome to the final mystery Jindosh” eighty times over.

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This post was originally written by Jared Moore.

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