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Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Complete Vosik’s Challenge


Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Complete Vosik’s Challenge

Vosik’s Challenge – Destiny: Rise of Iron

Today marks the arrival of Destiny: Rise of Iron’s first challenge for the Wrath of the Machine raid. If you’ve never done a raid challenge in Destiny before, they are secret objectives that must be performed during a specific boss for special rewards. The first challenge involves the first Wrath of the Machine boss, Vosik, as you face him in the SIVA density room.

The challenge requires that the team activates the clean rooms with the SIVA cluster bombs that drop during the damage phase of the fight. If you’re confused about which these are, they’re the two bombs that drop after the bosses shield is already down and all of the monitors are glowing. When they drop, pick them up, run into your safe room, and activate the door by throwing the bomb.

Other than that, you must fight the boss normally, using whatever strategy works best for you and your team. This should be a breeze on any difficult, especially if you are already comfortable with all of the mechanics. Just make sure to remember to save those bombs.

One thing to note is that you apparently have to activate all four rooms. Two activate during every damage phase, so if you’re confident, you can do two at a time. If not, then do two, one, one in order to get more chances to kill the boss.

As long as you keep communication up and have solid DPS you’ll find yourself victorious over another champion of the darkness.

Good luck and safe travels, Guardian.

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