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All Mass Effect: Andromeda News From N7 Day


All Mass Effect: Andromeda News From N7 Day

What mysteries await us?

Update #7:

BioWare has released the Andromeda Initiative Orientation Brieing, providing new details into the story such as your role as a Pathfinder, the nature of the primary mission, your location in the universe, and more.


Fans will be able to see a gameplay reveal at The Game Awards later this year ahead of the game’s Spring 2017 release. The Game Awards are set to air on Dec. 1.

Update #5:

The contents of the Mass Effect: Andromeda Deluxe Edition have been revealed:

  • Pathfinder Casual Outfit
  • Scavenger Armor
  • Pahtfinder Elite Weapon Set
  • Pet Pyjak (Monkey)
  • Digital Sountrack
  • Multiplayer Deluxe Launch Pack

Update #4:

After teasing fans early in the day, we were finally treated to a brand new gameplay trailer showing off new planets, visuals, and horrifying enemies.

Players will receive the title of Pathfinder as they realize their role in the worlds they explore and the importance of their mission. While there are still a lot of mysteries left to be uncovered, it looks like you can expect much larger fights and a more sinister antagonist this time around.

Update #3:

The voice actors for Ryder, Mass Effect: Andromeda’s protagonist, have been revealed.

First up is Fryda Wolff who is no stranger to video game voice work and will voice Sarah Ryder. She voiced Mira in Killer Instinct, Stacy in Octodad: Dadliest Catch, is the narrator in Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth, just to name a few. Joining Fryda Wolff is another Octodad voice actor, the wacky octopus himself, Tom Taylorson as Scott Ryder.

Update #2:

It looks like fans will be able to bring home a piece of Mass Effect: Andromeda in the form of the Nomad ND1, the vehicle you’ll pilot when on planet surfaces. The PDP Collector’s Edition Diecast Nomad ND1 is currently up for pre-order on Amazon. Along with several pics of the highly detailed exterior of the collector’s model, the product description says the interior was given just as much attention. There’s even a cool little video to watch, too.

Here are the product details:

  • Price: $99.99
  • Officially licensed by BioWare / Officially licensed by Electronic Arts
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Diecast metal body
  • Fully detailed interior and illuminated control panel
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included) / Includes a limited edition SteelBook case

At the time of writing, the item is set to release on Dec. 31 of next year, which is most likely a placeholder (common practice for Amazon and other online retailers).

There is also a mini version for only $9.99 for those who cant see themselves shelling out big bucks for a model car. It’s quite a bit smaller, but looks adorable next to the bigger model. Here are the product details:

  • Price: $9.99
  • Officially licensed by BioWare
  • Officially licensed by Electronic Arts
  • Scale: 1:64
  • Diecast metal body

The mini version has the same tentative release date as the much larger edition.


Pre-orders have gone live for Mass Effect: Andromeda Deluxe Edition for the PS4 and Xbox One over at Best Buy along with a few details on what players can expect. Players will assume the role of the Pathfinder as they explore the Andromeda galaxy in search of a new home. According to the Product Features, you will be among the first humans to ever set foot within the star system as you take advantage of new weapons, powers, and tech to face off against “terrifying enemies and creatures.” New additions highlighted include:

  • Destructible environments
  • Boost jumps for the addition of verticality
  • New weapons
  • New biotics

The price right now is $69.99, though there are currently no details on what you can expect for the extra cost. There is also no release date available at this time.

Original Story:

Today is Nov. 7, a day that means little to the general population, but is a veritable Christmas for those of us eagerly awaiting the next Mass Effect title, Andromeda. That is because Nov. 7 is N7 Day, a day that is dedicated to the fans and community of the Mass Effect series. This annual celebration was kicked off five years after the release of the first game in the franchise and has been a holiday for fans ever since.

N7 Day consists of different activities for fans (both inside and outside of BioWare’s games), and is often the perfect time for major announcements from the studio. Today looks to be no different as EA has already tweeted out a bit of a tease for the day, informing the world of some Mass Effect: Andromeda news on the horizon.

So far we’ve received a quick trailer to satisfy a bit of our curiosity, one that showcases mans accomplishments among the stars:

As the day goes on, more information is sure to be revealed to get fans ready for what comes next. We’ll make sure to keep this page updated with each new update, so stay tuned and keep it locked to Twinfinite.


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