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Titanfall 2: How to Get Credits Fast


Titanfall 2: How to Get Credits Fast

Get Credits Fast – Titanfall 2

Credits are the currency in Titanfall 2 that will allow you to unlock different weapons, abilities, Titans, and more customization options. Therefore, it’s pretty handy to have as many of them as possible so that you’ve got a vast range of gadgets and weapons to choose from to best suit your playstyle.

Credits are rewarded at the end of a match. In the post-match screen, you’ll actually see the little Credits icon appear on the big colored bars that appear. This indicates that you got one Credit for completing that objective. For example, players will earn one credit for finishing a match, one for winning the match, and another for a Good Performance which requires you to come top of the scoreboard.

However, you can earn even more credits by leveling up your other equipment. For example, every time you level up your weapon, Titan, or ability, you’ll earn an additional Credit to your tally. Considering you’re almost always leveling something up in Titanfall 2, you’ll have a steady stream of the currency always coming in.

Therefore, the best way to maximize the number of credits you’re getting from a match is to stick with a loadout you know. The more familiar you become with this loadout, the better you’ll play and the quicker you’ll level it up. You’ll also grab yourself a Credit for coming top of the scoreboard more often too.

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