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Titanfall 2: How to Get Batteries and What They Do


Titanfall 2: How to Get Batteries and What They Do

Batteries – Titanfall 2

Those good ol’ Titans may be high-tech but they still need juice to keep their systems powered up. That’s where batteries come in, and they’re a feature of the multiplayer that you could go countless hours playing and never really know about or understand. However, they’re incredibly useful!

Batteries are what powers Titans’ shields and health, and so they can be incredibly useful to remove from your enemies and insert into your own Titan or your allies’. To remove a Titan’s battery, simply grapple onto them and if it’s the first time the Titan has been rodeo’d, your Pilot will automatically remove the battery. You should now see a little indicator on your HUD to say you’re carrying one.

There are two options you have at this point: keep it for yourself and instantly have shields for your Titan when you call one in, or rodeo a friendly Titan and give their Titan a defensive boost. What you do is entirely up to you, but if you die while carrying a battery, it will become available for any other Pilot to pick up.

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