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Titanfall 2: How to Counter Rodeo


Titanfall 2: How to Counter Rodeo

Counter Rodeo – Titanfall 2

When you’ve called in your giant Titan from the heavens, it’s easy to get cocky. After all, a tiny pilot doesn’t stand a chance against your mech. However, they can deal out significant damage if they manage to clamber on top of your by performing a rodeo.

If this is the case, you’ll have to act quickly to shake them off before they deliver a fatal blow to your towering hunk of metal. In order to counter rodeo in Titanfall 2, you’ll first need to build up the gauge in the bottom left corner of your screen until it’s reached the lightning bolt in the cloud. Once you’ve reached this, you’ll have the ability to detonate electric smoke should you need to. You’ll need to press Left on the D-pad to activate it when you’re warned that a pilot is on top of you. This will activate your electric smoke, which will deal significant damage to the pilot that’s clambering all over the top of your titan.

As long as you stay inside the electric smoke and have activated it fast enough, you’ll kill the pilot before he manages to finish the rodeo animation.

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