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Rockstar Once Again Teases Something Red Dead Related on Twitter


Rockstar Once Again Teases Something Red Dead Related on Twitter

It’s almost high noon.

Earlier today Rockstar Games tweeted out a mysterious image that housed nothing more than their logo set on a red screen. It was believed that this may be related to the long hoped for Red Dead sequel. That one was a far stretch, but it seems like it may have been on the nose as the latest image shared on the developer’s Twitter account depicts a rising sun and the silhouettes of what are undoubtedly western characters.

There are no words along with the image that already has fans excited, just the orange sun behind the seven faceless characters. With that being said there’s no telling if this is a reboot, sequel, or something altogether different at this point on time, but we can most likely expect more images to make an appearance as the day goes on. The first two images were shared three hours apart, so you may want to hunker down for the time being. Rockstar definitely knows that this has been a long time coming for fans, and it’s looking like they’re going to milk every second of it.

Are you hoping for a sequel in the Red Dead series? Perhaps a new standalone entry? Feel free to share your thoughts and excitement in the comments below.


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