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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Battle


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Battle

Are you ready to battle?

Battle – Pokemon Sun and Moon

If you’ve played a Pokemon game before, then you already know that battling plays a major part in the whole experience. This is how you’ll train your Pokemon, and how you’ll earn prestige in the world as you endeavor to become the very best in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Battles are triggered in multiple ways. When you’re out and about, walking in tall grass has the chance to spawn a wild Pokemon for you to face. There are also trainers waiting around too, but they’ll only challenge you if you walk directly in front of them and meet their gaze. Story battles are a part of the game as well, and these will be triggered automatically at certain points of both Pokemon Sun and Moon’s narrative. Once you’re in a battle, though, they all work the same.

In battle you’ll have several options on the lower screen that include Fight, Run, Pokemon, Bag, and sprites of each Pokemon currently in battle. Let us explain each one for you:

Pokemon Sprites

These sprites allow you to check an active Pokemon’s type and whether or not they have any stat boosts or debuffs active at the moment. This can help you to formulate a strategy against an opponent, but isn’t too much of a big deal early on in the game.


Just as the name implies, this allows you to flee from a battle you deem to be too difficult. If you feel like you can’t win a certain encounter in Pokemon Sun and Moon, hit this button to run for your life and fight another day.


This option allows you to actually look at the party of Pokemon you have with you. You can bring up to six at a time during an adventure. When you click one you will be given three new options: Switch, Restore, and Summary. If you click on a Pokemon already in battle, Switch will not appear. Switch, as the name implies, allows you to swap a creature out. Restore lets you use an item on that specific little monster, and Summary tells you stats, attacks, how much PP is left, any special abilities, and general status.


This option simply lets you view and use items mid battle.


This is the button you’ll become most acquainted with on your journey. Hitting this button brings up all of your current Pokemon’s attacks along with how much PP each one has left (which denotes how many uses you have). If you’re facing a creature you’ve defeated before, each attack used in previous battle will have a small note attached stating its effectiveness against that specific monster. For example, Greninja’s Aerial Ace attack will say “Super Effective” when up against a Hakamo-o. You can click on the “i” icon attached to each move or press L+A to look at more info on each attack. Once you find the attack you want, select it by touching it directly or pressing A, then select your target (if up against multiple enemies). After your attack, it’s your opponent’s turn, that’s all there is to it. Have Fun.

That’s everything you’ll come across on Pokemon Sun and Moon’s battle screen. With some practice you really will become the best trainer out there.

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