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Paper Mario: Color Splash – Where to Find All Purple Toad Rescue Squad Members


Paper Mario: Color Splash – Where to Find All Purple Toad Rescue Squad Members

Track those Toads down.

Purple Toad Rescue Squad Members – Paper Mario: Color Splash

Like the other Toad Rescue Squads in Paper Mario: Color Splash, you’ll need to find all of the Purple Squad members to make your way to a paint star. The squad leader can be found on Ruddy Road just under the cliff, and he’ll ask you to find his three members so they can help you make it up the cliff. It should also be noted that this is the same cliff you’ll find the Plunger Thing Card on.

The trick with the Purple Squad members is that none of them are actually in Ruddy Road, so you’ll need to venture into other levels to find them. Here’s the locations of all three.

Purple Toad #1- Located in Bloo Bay Beach. Go to the very final area of the beach, and he’ll be on an island to the right. Use the cutout ability to reach his position.

Purple Toad #2- Located in Daffodil Peak. Once you’ve reached the very top of the mountain, find a ledge you can drop down on at the bottom of your screen. The Toad will be flattened on the ground, and you need to use your hammer on him to unflatten his foot.

Purple Toad #3- Located in Sunglow Ridge. This one is easy, simply walk into Sunglow Ridge and you’ll see the Toad standing on the left. Just talk to him and he’ll head off to help the squad leader.

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