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FDG Entertainment Is Bringing Oceanhorn to the Nintendo Switch


FDG Entertainment Is Bringing Oceanhorn to the Nintendo Switch

It’s not Link, but it’s close enough.

Publishing company FDG Entertainment has announced their official support of the Nintendo Switch via Twitter.

The company is mostly known for the plethora of phone games it has released, but made waves recently with its Zelda-like Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas. This will be the first of two titles making its way to Nintendo’s new console/handheld hybrid. The second remains a mystery, but the publisher claims that both games will come to the Switch in early 2017.

Oceanhorn was the company’s first foray onto PS4 and Xbox One. Its gameplay is almost identical to that of the Legend of Zelda series. Players control a sword and shield bearing teen from an isometric perspective. There are a plethora of unique weapons to wield to solve puzzles and take down enemies, making them disappear in a puff of smoke.

It’s so similar to the Zelda formula that putting it on the Nintendo Switch seems like the perfect home for the title. A sequel to Oceanhorn is currently in development, as well.

FDG’s support just increases the number of third party developers hopping on board with the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo had previously struggled to get a good number of third party titles on their platforms, and the Switch looks to be an end to this problem. However, we still have a couple months until release to see if this pans out.


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