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Mafia III: How to Get Electronic Parts and What They’re For


Mafia III: How to Get Electronic Parts and What They’re For

Bug all the areas.

How to Get Electronic Parts and What They’re For in Mafia III

There are a ton of different weapons and items that you’re going to get your hands on in Mafia III on your way to get revenge on the Italian Mafia. One such item is electronic parts, and while you won’t be using these directly in order to deal out some damage on your enemies in Mafia III, they do have a separate, less-lethal use. Electronic parts are an important resource in Mafia III, because they can be used to bug areas with junction boxes, and this can help Lincoln keep track of enemy movements. Here’s how to get electronic parts and what they’re used for in Mafia III.

First off, electronic parts can be found all over New Bordeaux. If you look at your minimap, you’ll sometimes see green blips in the area. These can either be cash or electronic parts, with the latter being a lot more valuable. Once you unlock junction boxes in the city, you’ll be able to use these parts to bug certain areas, and you’ll become more aware of enemy movements and what they’re up to.

At the moment, it doesn’t seem like there’s a reliable way of picking up electronic parts aside from checking out green blips on your radar, and looting all the rooms you come across in the main story missions. So, if you do see a green blip, make sure to head there and grab whatever valuable resources might be lying around there. Picking up cash is also helpful, as it can decrease the earnings of the enemy gangs as well.

Mafia III is now available on PS4, Xbox One, PC. For more tips, tricks, and guides to help you exact revenge on the Italian Mafia, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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