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Mafia III: How to Accelerate and Brake While Driving


Mafia III: How to Accelerate and Brake While Driving

Accelerate and Brake – Mafia III

New Bordeaux, the fictional imagining of New Orleans that serves as Mafia III’s sandbox, is quite large. While you could walk everywhere if you really wanted to, you’ll definitely want to rely on the myriad sets of wheels you’ll see around the world.

To get into a car, simply walk up to one and hold down the Square/X button to enter the driver’s seat. Once inside, it’s time to get moving. Accelerating is done by holding down the R2/RT button. The longer you hold it, the more speed you will accumulate, allowing you to speed past threats and other obstacles. When it’s time to stop, you have two different options when it comes to braking.

Holding L2/LT will bring your vehicle of choice to a stop. Once stopped, it will then begin to reverse, allowing you to drive backwards. If you don’t want to reverse and are looking for a faster way to brake, then you’ll want to use the handbrake. This is done by holding the Circle/B button. It can be used to take sharp turns, or to decrease your speed rapidly. Both brake methods have their own benefits, so always try to use the one that’s best for your given situation.

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