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Mafia III: How to Deposit Your Money on the Go


Mafia III: How to Deposit Your Money on the Go


Deposit Money on the Go – Mafia III

You’re gonna be swiping a lot of money in Mafia III when you’re doing missions. It’s all gonna build up eventually, and going back to the safehouse constantly is going to get old. Thankfully, you get the ability to call someone in to deposit your money for you. After you recruit Vito as an Underboss, you’ll get the perk in your weapon wheel.

Hold down the button to access the wheel, then use the left stick to travel to the blue icon in the lower right. Release the stick, and Lincoln will ask for a cash pickup. The driver will show up in your general vicinity (you’ll be able to see them), so just walk over and hold down X on Xbox One or Square on PS4 to deposit all the money that’s currently on your person. It’ll be instantly added onto your overall cash amount.

Depositing money is incredibly important to ensure it all stays safe in the event that the action all gets a little too much and you die. Failing to do so will see you losing huge chunks of money off your person, so it’s always better to stay safe than sorry.

For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our Mafia III wiki.

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