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Mafia III Guide: All Collectible Locations


Mafia III Guide: All Collectible Locations

All Collectibles Locations in Mafia III

Mafia III’s large open world of New Bordeaux has a ton of collectibles just waiting to be discovered. There are over 161 collectibles hidden throughout the world, separated into different categories like Playboy magazines and Communist propaganda. They act as a nice distraction if you’re growing a little tired of killing off mobsters and continuing on Lincoln’s path of revenge. To help you find all of these collectibles, we’ve put together a number of locations guides that will get you well on your way to becoming a Mafia hoarder.

Check out the full list of different collectibles below. We’ll keep updating this page as we discover new locations, but here’s what we’ve got so far. We aim to have a complete list of collectibles in no time, so be sure to check back soon!


Available Guides:

Album Covers

Playboy Magazines


Check back soon for these guides:

Communist Propaganda

Hot Rod Magazines

Junction Boxes

Repent Magazine

Vargas Paintings


For more tips, tricks, and guides for Mafia III, be sure to check out our ever expanding Mafia III wiki page.

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