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Destiny: Rise of Iron Heroic Raid Guide – How to Beat the Siege Engine


Destiny: Rise of Iron Heroic Raid Guide – How to Beat the Siege Engine

Heroic Siege Engine – Destiny: Rise of Iron

The Siege Engine on Heroic is a lot like the normal mode. The beginning is the same aside from the fact that the cannons on the Engine are a lot bigger than usual, meaning they’ll do a lot more damage than you’re used to. On top of that, the sea of adds on your path do more damage too, so whoever is running interference will need to be on their a-game. Once you get past this part, continue as normal just be aware that all damage is increased.

A good strategy is to have some players with Exotic Swords clear out the minions while the other players rotate, carrying all of the parts back to the Siege Engine. Once you get close, Meksis will appear on top again, only this time you’ll have more than just some Fallen Captains and Vandals to deal with in front of the ship. They actually drop a friggin Splicer Walker in front of the ramp, meaning you can’t just go up.

Send one person with a sword to take out Meksis. have everyone else just find cover. Once Meksis is down, everyone focus on one leg of the walker. When it’s down don’t shoot its neck, just move around it and go directly up as normal. Put the pieces where they go and you’re done. You’ve just complete the Siege Engine on Heroic in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

Happy raiding, Guardians.

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