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Dead by Daylight Devs Talk New Characters, Maps, and Exciting Lore Possibilities

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Dead by Daylight Devs Talk New Characters, Maps, and Exciting Lore Possibilities

“Death is not an escape.”

Behaviour Interactive, the team behind the hit cooperative horror survival game, Dead by Daylight, is hard at work preparing the game’s new “Halloween” update. Twinfinite had the opportunity to speak with the company and find out exactly what we could expect from the new DLC and what we could expect for the game moving forward.

As its title aptly alludes, the new update will allow players the ability to play as the iconic movie murderer, Michael Myers. When asked where Myers will fit with the already gruesome and unique lineup of killers in the game, the team explained that they wanted him to be as true to the movies as he could be, and as such they really wanted to play up Myers’ patience as a killer. Rather than chasing his prey, the silent killer will instead stalk them to death. When Myers sets his sights on a survivor, he’ll want to hang back and collect his strength by watching the naive teen fumble around. Once he’s gathered enough strength, Myers will have the ability to rush in and take out the survivor quickly. The team promised that Myers will play very differently from the other available killers, which certainly sounds right, as even the most patient of the current killers normally requires a chase to lock down their target.

Dead by Daylight, Michael Myers

The horror movie legend himself: Michael Myers

Myers isn’t the only character to appear from the Halloween franchise. Laurie Strode, the series’ heroine, will also be making her debut as a survivor in the game. When the team spoke about Laurie and where she’d stand against her old rival and his new creeptastic buddies, they said that where they saw Myers’ great strength was his ability to stalk, Laurie’s was her ability to survive to the end. As such they wanted Laurie’s skill set to reflect this and that while they couldn’t reveal too much about her perks and abilities, they did say that you’ll truly see her shine when the other survivors are down and everything falls on her. Perhaps she will get faster with the generators or will be able to locate the hidden hatch more easily. Seems as though we’ll just have to wait to find out.

Finally, the update will include a brand new map which Myers fans will recognize as the suburbs of Haddonfield. When speaking about the new map, Behaviour Interactive offered that it would be unlike any map currently in the game. The map will feature a large town complete with everything you’d expect from a town in a survival horror setting. Not only will there be large buildings for players to hide in, but the buildings will also contain basements that could end up aiding or trapping the survivors. It will also feature long, well-lit alleyways for both the survivors and the killers to navigate through. Game mechanics from the older maps, such as pull-down objects and closets to hide in, will still appear, and the survivors will still be required to activate generators in order to escape through the town’s gates, however the team did promise some special surprises that will keep the new map interesting and a lot of fun.

We also had a chance to speak with Behaviour Interactive about the game’s lore and the likelihood of a future story mode. While they said that a story mode wasn’t really in the works, as they didn’t believe it fit the cooperative experience they are aiming for, they did assure us that Dead by Daylight’s history and lore was very important to them and that they we’re definitely working on ways to continue telling the bloody, yet intricate narrative for the game. By the sound of it, environmental storytelling will be a focus, and there are certainly more mysteries to be uncovered. Before moving on, they did leave the subject by saying that if you are a fan of the story and world in Dead by Daylight, you’ll undoubtedly want to stay tuned as they have some pretty awesome stuff in the works.

Of course we couldn’t end the conversation without asking the all-important question: “Whats next for the game?” They told us that while their focus is primarily on making the new update the best it could be, they have been working on a number of things. They hope Myers will be the first of many big horror icons to be included in Dead by Daylight, but they also hope to introduce some of their own unique killers into the fold as well. It sounds as though fans of the game will have a lot of interesting things to look forward to in the future and, with any luck, possibly the inclusion of some of the best killers in horror history.


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