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Battlefield 1: How to Heal


Battlefield 1: How to Heal

How to Heal – Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1’s frantic multiplayer battles rely heavily on working as a team. You’ll benefit greatly from running with a group of teammates to capture and defend objectives. However, it’ll only be a select few members of your team who can help you recover from heavy damage, so here’s how to heal in Battlefield 1.

Unlike other online FPS games, your health won’t automatically regenerate over time. Instead, Battlefield 1 makes you pick up health packs that can be thrown out on the floor by players using the Medic class. These are the Medic’s unique ability and so it’s incredibly handy to have at least a few in your team.

Once a health pack has been thrown out by a Medic, all you need to do is run over it to regain some health. It’s also important to note that Medics can revive you if you’re dead, so sometimes it’s worth waiting before you respawn if one is nearby.

The health packs can also heal the Medic who throws them out, so there’s always that benefit if you opt to take on this supportive role.

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