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Destiny: Rise of Iron PSA – You Can Ride Those Little Shanks in the Plaguelands

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Destiny: Rise of Iron PSA – You Can Ride Those Little Shanks in the Plaguelands

Come fly with me.

While many players will be checking out the new story content, grinding raids for better loot, or embarking on Exotic quests in Destiny’s new Rise of Iron expansion, one Guardian has been playing around with something a little different.

You’ve probably seen those weird little shank drones flying around the Plageuelands and seemingly fixing things up as you’ve been completing missions and thought nothing of them. Well, it turns out that you can actually ride them as hexic54 did. Check it out in the video below.

While just jumping onto one shank may not seem like a big deal, another Reddit user has spent a little while mapping their movements.

According to mrlithid, “They appear random, but if you wait around long enough they come back to the same spot and move in the same directions.” Mrlithid theorizes that there may be some secret location not obvious to us that these mini drones could guide us to by jumping from one to the other. It’s an interesting theory for sure, but as of yet, nothing has been confirmed.

Whether the little shank can lead us to some Destiny treasure or not, we’re just happy we have a new platform to dance around on in the Plaguelands. Think it’s time to buy some of those new emotes.

Credit to the Guardians over at Reddit

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