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WoW Legion: What a Carved Shell Is and How to Use It


WoW Legion: What a Carved Shell Is and How to Use It

Carved Shell – World of Warcraft: Legion

If you’ve just hit level 110 in Legion and spotted the new Investigate the Eye of Azshara Order Hall mission, you’re probably wondering what the hell a Carved Shell is, and why it’s so important.

The Carved Shell is very similar to the Corrupted Egg Fragment (obtained through another 110 Order Hall mission). Getting it will begin the quest Eye of Azshara, which tasks you with heading into the Eye of Azshara dungeon and beating the boss, Wrath of Azshara, on Heroic difficulty. Depending on your character progression, your objective may be Mythic difficulty instead.

Ultimately, defeating the Wrath of Azshara isn’t too difficult, and is far easier an objective than defeating the raid boss required by the Corrupted Egg Fragment quest. An adept team geared 800+ will be able to clear the Mythic instance without much difficulty. Defeating all four zone bosses and the mages surrounding Wrath of Azshara will unlock her encounter. The battle remains in one place, though players will have to dodge a series of spells surrounding the mob.

wow Legion carved shell quest

Completing the Eye of Azshara quest will reward you with a Watertight Salvage Bag, typically filled with dungeon-level gear for your class.

Note: Many players are finding that completing the Emerald Nightmare raid before obtaining their Corrupted Egg Fragment will clear the mission from their Order Hall lineup, leaving them unable to pick up the quest. This may work similarly for the Carved Shell, though players have yet to report this happening.

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