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WoW Legion: What a Corrupted Egg Fragment Is and How to Use It


WoW Legion: What a Corrupted Egg Fragment Is and How to Use It

Corrupted Egg Fragment – World of Warcraft: Legion

Are you the proud new owner of a World of Warcraft Corrupted Egg Fragment? Do you have no idea what it’s for? You’re not alone. A number of Legion players are facing the same question, so here’s everything you need to know about your new egg friend.

Once you hit level 110, the Corrupted Egg Fragment is earned through an incredibly long (16 hours with all counters) Order Hall Champion mission called Facing Our Fears, and begins the quest “Into the Nightmare: Il’gynoth.” It tasks you with heading into The Emerald Nightmare raid and defeating raid boss Il’gynoth, The Heart of Corruption. As a reward, you’ll be given some experience, a little under 20 gold, a Cache of Nightmarish Treasures, and the warm feeling of downing a big, evil tree.

So in short, you’re going to need to get geared up for Legion’s main instance. The Mythic difficulty for the raid opened just today, along with LFR for the first wing. The second wing opens to LFR on Oct. 11, while the third and final wing hits Raid Finder Oct. 25.

Note: Many players are finding that the Facing Our Fears mission disappears from their mission list after having done the Emerald Nightmare raid. It seems raiding before completing the follower mission can null your chances of getting the Corrupted Egg Fragment – at least for this week. We’ll keep you updated should this change.

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