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When the Steam Autumn or Halloween or Fall Sale Will Be


When the Steam Autumn or Halloween or Fall Sale Will Be

Steam sales are the perfect time to get deals on those games you stuck in your wishlist and totally forgot about. Even AAA titles get a bump down, so they’re generally blessed times of year where your wallet will both smile as well as cry. There are thousands of sales. It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year, truly.

While how the sales are presented has changed over the years, they still generally happen around the same time.

Typically, the Autumn or Halloween or Fall sale that occurs before the Winter sale every year has been between the months of October and November. Many sources say this next one will be Oct. 29. However, last year, the Autumn sale began on Nov. 25, which was a Wednesday. So really, it’s anyone’s guess when it will actually kick off this year. Depending on if it’s October or November, that will dictate whether it’s a Halloween or Autumn sale.

Be certain, though, that it will happen sometime within those two months, as the Winter sale has always held mid-December. That’s the holiday sale’s turf, and there’s no riding in on that.

Tune back in to Twinfinite as we’ll keep you posted on when the date is officially announced by Valve.

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