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Starbound: How to Make Copper Wire


Starbound: How to Make Copper Wire

Copper Wire is essential to a number of Starbound recipes. It’ll be needed for simple crafts like Drains, Iron Levers, and Latches, as well as mightier builds like Pixel Printers and Pet Stations. So how do you make Copper Wire?

First off, it’s good to know you can find the wire out in the world. It can drop from a variety of robots,  such as those found in Swarpions, Apex facilities, and Avian Tombs. If you’re not looking forward to robot hunting, then you can make Copper Wire from Copper Bars.

These bars can be created from Copper Ore at a furnace, and the ore can be obtained on almost any planet of any difficulty. Once you pick up Copper Ore, you will automatically learn the recipe to smelt it into a bar.

One bar will yield five wires, and this craft can be done at an Atomic Furnace. Once you have your wire, you can use it at a Wiring Station, the craft table for all your wiring needs.

Good luck out there!

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