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This Rogue One Pixar Mash-Up Is One for the Ages


This Rogue One Pixar Mash-Up Is One for the Ages

Just going to add this as a bookmark.

There are many movie franchises that people don’t mind spending money on, and high those things are probably a Pixar movie or something related to Star Wars. This crafty YouTube channel decided to combine the best of both worlds, making a mash-up between the various Pixar films and the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The video is on the channel Darth Blender, and does an awesome job of creating the same suspense found in Rogue One trailers. The creators even did a good job of finding clips that match or nearly match the audio heard throughout the video.

Newer Pixar movies such as Brave and Inside Out have clips in the video, but there are also several classics such as Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., and even a couple of seconds spent on A Bug’s Life. It is interesting to think about other well-known movies being set up in the Star Wars world, and it would be awesome to see Pixar take a crack at something Star Wars related. One can only imagine what might be created and while that might never happen, one can dream about an awesome mash-up… or just watch this video several times.


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