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ReCore: Where to Find Prismatic Cores


ReCore: Where to Find Prismatic Cores

So shiny.

ReCore – Prismatic Cores

Prismatic Cores are an important part of ReCore’s gameplay. These shiny spheres don’t power up your robots like the other ones you’ll find. Instead, these simply allow you to access previously unavailable areas and progress through the story of the game. While you’ll find Prismatic Cores as you go about your main adventure, you’ll need more than just those to open later areas of the game. Here’s where to find them.

First things first, you’ll want to open your map and look for a symbol that looks like a bunch of triangles in a circle. This is what symbolizes the presence of a Prismatic Core in that area. While this gives you a good idea as to where to look, it gets a little trickier once you actually get there.

Prismatic Cores can be hidden away in a number of different places. The first thing to look out for is larger metal circular shaped objects on the floor with a screen. If you spot one of these, head over and hold down the X button to interact with it. With any luck, the sphere will crack open and a Core will be waiting to be taken away.

Sometimes, interacting with these may lead to a large grey colored enemy appearing. This Corebot will be powered by the Prismatic Core you’re after. In order to pry it from the metallic frame, you’ll need to wear down its health and then extract it from the body by pressing R3 when indicated to do so.

The shiny spheres can also be hiding up on tall ledges that may require you to scale a couple of buildings and slowly but surely make your way over to them. If you spot a lot of towering metal, you’re probably going to have to head on up.

Finally, keep an eye out for other little dungeons that you can go and explore. Some of these will require Prismatic Cores themselves to get access too, but will have a couple on offer. One is almost always guaranteed for simply getting to the end of the dungeon. However, sometimes finding the yellow key, completing the dungeon in a set time limit, or hitting all of the switches can also reward you with additional cores.

Now go forth and scour ReCore’s world for those incredibly sparkly objects.

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