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ReCore: How to Get More Corebots


ReCore: How to Get More Corebots

The more the merrier.

ReCore – Get More Corebots

Corebots are all of the robots you see on Far Eden, whether good or bad. While some want to put an end to your life, you’ll accrue a small group of ally Corebots that can offer unique abilities and a bit of additional power when out on your adventures.

Getting more Corebots in ReCore comes naturally as you progress through the main story of the game. There are only three different Corebots that you’ll have at your disposal and you’ll stumble upon them as you make your way through the narrative, so you don’t have to worry about missing them.

Any additional frames for these Corebots that alter their abilities will be unlocked during the main missions of the game, too. While there are additional parts that can upgrade the Attack, Defense, and Energy of your Corebot, these don’t make a drastic difference to how they’ll function by your side.

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