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ReCore: How Long It Is


ReCore: How Long It Is

A quick and easy adventure.

ReCore sets players down on a desert world called Far Eden and tasks them with defeating the evil robots that inhabit it and restoring the power source at the top of Far Eden Tower. Along your way, you’ll team up with a bunch of adorable robot companions called Corebots as you shoot, jump, and dash your way to victory.

ReCore isn’t an overly long game, and if you’re only really bothered about seeing what the main story has to offer you’ll probably be done in about eight hours. For those of you who like to check out what else a game offers other than the main story, you’ll find that ReCore doesn’t offer all that much in this department either.

To distract you from the main story are the optional dungeons that you’ll most likely end up exploring to get the Prismatic Spheres to open the doors later in the main story anyway. If you really want to complete everything that’s on offer in ReCore then there are additional challenges you can complete in these dungeons such as finishing them within a set time limit, finding the yellow key, and hitting all of the switches. These, combined with finding all of the supply caches and blueprints in the game are about it in terms of additional quests.

If you’re not too interested in seeing absolutely everything then, you’ll probably be done in around eight to 10 hours depending on how much time you have to spend retreading the same environments in search of Prismatic Cores. For you completionists out there, you’re probably looking at about 12-14 hours as these dungeons shouldn’t take too long to clear out.

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