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Journey: How to Get a Long Scarf


Journey: How to Get a Long Scarf

A scarf for the ages.

In Journey, the ability to soar and glide is the most important skill you have. The longer you can stay airborne, the more you can adventure and enjoy the beautiful sights the game has to offer. Easily the best way to stay up in the air for longer periods of time is to have a longer scarf. Getting a longer scarf isn’t all that difficult, but it will take some time and a decent bit of exploring.

Journey, Long Scarf

Your character’s scarf in Journey does more than act as a very cool cosmetic attachment to your cloak. It also acts as your energy for flight. The longer your scarf length, the more energy you have to lift off and fly. Because of this, increasing your maximum scarf capacity can be a really nice way to smoothly work your away through the game. Throughout the game you will notice Glowing Symbols hidden away and when you collect the symbol your scarf will lengthen, adding more scarf energy to your character. There are 21 Glowing Symbols hidden throughout the various chapters and gathering each one will culminate to the longest scarf you’ve probably ever seen. Keep in mind that when beating the game and started a brand new one, your scarf will be reset back to its original length and you will have to collect the Glowing Symbols all over again.

After collecting all of the Glowing Symbols you will also gain access to the White Robe. This new cloak will give you an even longer scarf as well as the ability to automatically recover scarf energy over time while on the ground. Check out our guide on how to get the White Robe here. With the White Robe and a slew of Glowing Symbol upgrades you’ll be able to soar throughout the skies to your hearts content and enjoy everything Journey has to offer.

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