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How to Enable the New HDR Setting on Your PS4


How to Enable the New HDR Setting on Your PS4

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Today saw the release of PS4’s 4.0 system update. While the update brought a number of improvements and changes to the system such as a sleeker-looking user interface and a quick menu, there’s a certain display setting you’ll probably want to enable.

For those with a 4K HDR TV, update 4.0 is of particular importance to you. While you may be planning on picking up a PS4 Pro in November, the latest update for your current PS4 allows you to enable a greater dynamic range for video from compatible applications. This will only make a difference if you have a TV that has HDR technology, but if you do, enabling it will bring you a truer range of colors.

To turn this new setting on, you want to head into Settings and then down to Sound and Screen. From there it’s Video Output Settings, and then you should see HDR. Simply head down to the option and select Automatic. Doing so will also enable the Deep Color Input setting below it, too. Don’t worry, this is just a setting that HDR uses in order to display finer grades of color.

That’s all there is to it. It’s important to note that not everything you do on your PS4 will use HDR, so don’t expect drastic changes in your current favorite games.

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