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Fan Builds Himself A Micro SNES


Fan Builds Himself A Micro SNES

Please don’t take this one down, Nintendo.

Nintendo will relaunch the NES this holiday season, packing a total of 30 classic games. One fan beat the company to it, however, building his very own mini SNES that fits inside the palm of your hand.

Hugo Dorison, the man behind the lyberty5 YouTube channel, made his own tiny version of the SNES using a Raspberry Pi Zero to emulate the system, crafting the casing out of clay. The micro console comes with Kirby Super Star, Yoshi’s Island and Doom as well as a few other classics.

While this version obviously won’t be publicly sold, you can always pick up Nintendo’s own Mini NES come November 11th for the small price of $60 or £50. Special thanks to EuroGamer for making this little project known.

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