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Darkest Dungeon – How to Heal


Darkest Dungeon – How to Heal

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How to Heal – Darkest Dungeon

There is no doubting that in your journeys through Darkest Dungeon’s warped and twisted world you will take a lot of damage. However, this can be mitigated by healing your allies either in or outside of battle, but this usually comes with a catch. In order to base heal your party, you will need to purchase rations at the inventory which can be used to get back a small amount of life at a time. A hero can only have so many before they are full and some heroes who are Afflicted will outright refuse to eat.

You can also heal via camping, but again this is only if your party is hungry and not Afflicted with anything that would cause them to refuse. Camping should be used either to save someone who’s really hurting or to just act as a backup if your healer is killed or wasn’t able to get to everyone in a round. Healers are still the best way to keep your party alive, so make sure to always designate one spot in your group for someone who can medicate your party. The best classes that can heal are the Occultist, Plague Doctor, and Vestal with the latter being the best in the game.

Always make sure to have one of these characters and position them somewhere in the last two slots near the back so they can heal your main DPS. While ones like the Vestal can do some serious damage, you always want to prioritize healing over damage unless you can kill the boss right away. One of the best ways to ensure that your party is completely healed is to have a class like the Plague Doctor stun-lock a lesser enemy so you can continually heal your party. This will let you not have to worry about being killed while trying to heal and is a great way to manage your team before big boss fights where you want everyone in Darkest Dungeon fully fit.

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