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All the Big Games That Aren’t Updating For PS4 Pro So Far


All the Big Games That Aren’t Updating For PS4 Pro So Far

The PS4 Pro will be available on Nov. 10, and it brings along a suite of new features including the ability to enjoy gaming in 4K with HDR capabilities. Of course, this isn’t something that just happens instantly, and requires developers to go in and do a bit of coding to get their already released games up to snuff by the time the upgraded console rolls out.

There are already a few games that have been revealed to be taking full advantage of the PS4 Pro hardware through something that Sony is calling forward compatibility. After downloading a patch, you’ll be able to play those games and enjoy a much more pristine experience. However, not all games will take advantage of this opportunity. While we don’t know every company that has decided on adding themselves to the forward compatible list for the console, there are a few that have said they will not be doing so.

Here are the games that you unfortunately will not be playing in 4K when you pick up your PS4 Pro later this year:

  • Destiny – The developers have stated that it’s currently not in their plans. This is most likely due to all the work on the upcoming expansion and the fact that they are working on the sequel.
  • The Witcher 3

As more developers reveal their plans for 4K and HDR support, we’ll be sure to update the list.

Do keep in mind that the PS4 Pro will improve most experiences automatically, this will just prevent these games from using the machine’s full power.

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