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World of Warcraft Legion: The Great Akazamzarak Location in Dalaran


World of Warcraft Legion: The Great Akazamzarak Location in Dalaran

World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion introduces class halls, special locations where class members can gather and do heroic things as one. If you’re a Mage and venture out to the Hall of the Guardian, you’ll eventually end up with The Great Akazamzarak quest. You’ll have to find the talented Akazamzarak in Dalaran and bribe, or “tip,” him in an effort to change his street performing ways. Finding his location, however, can be a bit tricky thanks to a map problem.

Despite where your map may point, The Great Akazamzarak can be found performing at a statue in front of the Alliance-side bank. You can find him by heading to the southmost part of Dalaran, between the Greyfang Enclave and The Violet Hold on your map. He’ll be in the center of the square, performing his tricks for onlookers and shouting magician-like things.

If you’re still having a hard time narrowing down his location, Akazamzarak’s official WoW coordinates are 48.3, 63.7.

You’ll need to find his tip bucket, which may be the hardest part of this. The bucket is right next to him on the floor, but you have to be pretty much on top of it to be able to click on it. After you do, you’ll be able to return to the Hall of the Guardian, turn in your quest, and continue on your Legion way.

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