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World of Warcraft Legion: Demon Hunter Blindfolds Can Be Changed


World of Warcraft Legion: Demon Hunter Blindfolds Can Be Changed

If you’re jumping back into World of Warcraft with the launch of Legion, you may be picking up the new Demon Hunter class. These Illidari have joined the battle against the Burning Legion, sporting horns, glowing tattoos, and even blindfolds over their glowing green eye sockets. As you begin customizing your Demon Hunter, you’ll notice you get to choose what blindfold he or she will wear, and you’ll instantly wonder whether this choice is permanent or not.

So here’s the good news: you can change your blindfold after character creation, but you’ll need a barber to do so. Once you pick your blindfold, it will be a constant fixture on your Demon Hunter’s face. If you equip helm pieces, they will take up the visual slot, but once you remove your helm item or set it to hide, there the blindfold will be.

Find a barber in any major city to change or remove your blindfold. Local guards will be able to direct you to a local shop if you’re lost. There’s a convenient barber shop right there in northern Dalaran after you finish your Legion starting quests, just keep an eye out for the red and white striped sign.

At these shops, you’ll also be able to change your horns, hair, tattoos, and face. Yes, World of Warcraft barbers can change your face. We’d rather not get into the specifics of that right now.

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