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Suicide Squad Was Written in Six Weeks, Plagued by Anxiety – Report

suicide squad

Suicide Squad Was Written in Six Weeks, Plagued by Anxiety – Report

Six. Weeks.

DC’s upcoming film Suicide Squad hasn’t been doing so hot review wise, with several critics pointing out that the film feels like it’s been cut. Thanks to the Hollywood Reporter, it turns out that that’s true.

In their report of the film, their sources reveal that two different versions of the David Ayer film were tested with audiences in Northern California. One was a somber version more in line with the original trailer that first debuted at Comic-Con last year, while the other was the more “lighter, studio-favored” version that’s currently being marketed in commercials. Once the feedback was analyzed, the results favored the studio version, which had more characters introduced earlier in the film and had flashy graphics.

A source close to the film also revealed that Suicide Squad’s script was written over the course of six weeks, which he says would’ve benefited Ayer better had he been given more time to work. Unfortunately, another source says that more time wasn’t an option, given that the film already had a release date and delaying wasn’t considered an option.

Suicide Squad comes to theaters this Friday.

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