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Blizzard Restricted Summer Games Items to Loot Boxes so They’d “Feel More Rare and Special”


Blizzard Restricted Summer Games Items to Loot Boxes so They’d “Feel More Rare and Special”

Not everyone is meant to bring home the gold.

Blizzard has been receiving a lot of flack for the current situation surrounding the Summer Games Items that are currently available in Overwatch. While the items themselves look great and are highly coveted, obtaining them is no small feat. They seasonal items are limited exclusively to Loot Boxes which means you’ll have to level up if you want the chance at obtaining one. On top of that, each Loot Box will only give you one of the new Summer Games items, with the rest of the contents being a randomized bunch of pre-existing gear. There is a chance of getting more than one of the new items, but that’s extremely rare. Seeing as how there are 100 items that are part of the event, it will take a long time to get all of them, or to even get the ones you want since it relies purely on RNG.

It turns out that Blizzard was completely aware of this and actually had a reason for designing the event in this way. The developers wanted the Summer Games items to “feel extra special and very rare.” Speaking in a developer Update video centered on Seasonal Events, game director Jeff Kaplan went on to explain the studios goal with the event. They wanted to provide cosmetic items that you can look back on months from now and get excited for the next time the event comes around. Since the event was designed with the knowledge that most players won’t get every item, or even the items they want, they plan to run the event again next summer, bringing back all the items and possibly even more.

Since this is Blizzard’s first time running a seasonal event within Overwatch, they wanted to experiment in order to find the perfect balance between event length, rewards, and fun. They expect a lot of feedback and will look into improving all future activities while still providing something special to fans that not every single person will be running around with. You can check out the full update below:

It will be interesting to see just how Blizzard takes the feedback when the next Overwatch event rolls around.

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