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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII: How to Get Married


Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII: How to Get Married

Romance of the Three Kingdoms is back with its 13th iteration. You can be a wandering warrior, a no-name soldier, or a ruler. Everything depends on how you want to play the game. Naturally, you can forge as many relationships as you’d like, including getting married.

In order to get married within the game, you need to work up your rapport with the character you wish to marry. You will go through all the stereotypical stages: friends, best friends, boon companion, etc. However, eventually, your character will ponder to themselves whether they should ask that officer to marry them. Should you choose yes, congratulations! You’ll be married! Unfortunately, there are no child officers born from these marriages, like in Empires.

If you want to work up your relationship in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, you need to visit them and shower them with gifts, as well as talk to them when there’s an exclamation point next to the option. Do this enough and they will have a mission for you. Complete that, and you’ll be well on your way to having yourself a wedding. This takes up one of the possible close relationships you can have in the game and provides the same bonuses. Note that it may seem like it’s taking you ages to hit it off with someone to get married, but stress not. If they’re available and if you keep working at the relationship, the option to marry them will pop up.

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