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Pokken Tournament Has Sold Over 1 Million Copies Worldwide


Pokken Tournament Has Sold Over 1 Million Copies Worldwide

Good job, Pikachu!

Pokken Tournament was released in arcades last year, but it made its console debut on the Wii U just this March, which was about five months ago. In that relatively short period of time, the Wii U game has managed to sell over one million copies worldwide, as announced by Bandai Namco.

Considering how the Wii U is generally regarded as the least popular current-gen console right now, those are some pretty impressive numbers for a game exclusive to that console. Pokken Tournament is a 1v1 fighting game that takes the fighting gameplay elements from the Tekken series, and combines it with Pokemon. So, to put things simply, it’s basically a fighting game where cute Pokemon duke it out with each other. That’s kind of awesome. It also features a rather light story/career mode in which your trainer must climb the ranks of the various tournament ladders.

Pokken Tournament is now available on the Wii U. How have your experiences with the game been so far? Let us know in the comments down below.

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